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STC Footwear is a brand distributed by Regence Footwear.
Regence Footwear’s mission is to maximize our partners success by marketing products that optimize workers’ safety.  

With STC and Regence Footwear, you can count on: 


  • Access to the widest range of safety footwear available on the market from a Canadian distributor.


  • Close to 240 000 products in stock
  • An average of 97% product availability


  • 97% customer satisfaction
  • No minimum purchase requirements
  • Easy return policy
  • Fast delivery


  • COOP budget for your local marketing campaign
  • In-store display materials
  • Products launch programs
  • Advertising campaigns and national promotions
  • Access to product details, photos and images at all times
  • Support on custom advertising campaigns


  • Discounts on placement orders
  • Discounts for in-store employees
  • Discount programs for tenders
  • Wear test
  • Provincial discount programs or for certain activity sectors
  • Advantageous transport rate
  • In-store training
  • Online order management system 

* Retailer discounts and support programs may vary by region, brand and time of year.
Enjoy the success of the STC Footwear brand!

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